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Industrial Roofing

Profiles: IBR, Corrugated, SureLok, Widespan

Accessories: We carry a wide range of quality accessories that make us a One-Stop roofing store. Our products are all locally produced or sourced internationally to ensure the most competitive pricing and quality.

: Polycarb sheeting, Flashings and ridges, Whirlybirds and turbines, louvers and vents
Insulation: Bubble foil and Sisalation, PVC straining wire, screws and fixings

An example of completing the roof using ridges

An example of the use of louvers for natural ventilation

An example of the use of foil insulation and polycarb sheet to allow in natural light

Roofing materials: All profiles are available in the following products:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Zincalume: A steel based sheet that is coated with a mixture of Aluminium and Zinc. Manufactured in Australia, the Zincalume product has proven durability and corrosion resistance. Recomended upto 2km from the ocean. Projects: Galleria Shopping Mall
  • Chromadek: Chromadek is a prepainted galvanised sheet. This material is recommended inland and upto a minimum of 5km from the ocean


  • Colorbond: Prepainted Zincalume. Proven paint quality and corrosion resistance means Colorbond steel is perfect for your roof. With a great range of colours and various coating masses available this can be used very close to the ocean. Guarantees are created upon application and dependant on products.

Colorbond in African white at Westway office park

(Visit Bluescope steel websiteto to see more info about colourbond material)

  • Aluminium: Extremely strong corrosion properties for developments very close to the ocean

Purlins/Lipped channel: Available in a range of sizes. Our facility affords customers to order lipped channel, cut to size, punched and marked for convenience on site.

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Aluminium Gutter coil: Aluminium gutter coil for seamless aluminium gutters:

  • 285mm x 0.60mm
  • 335mm x 0.60mm
  • 355mm x 0.60mm
  • 448mm x 0.80mm

Available in brown and white.

Gallery of completed projects

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